‘Stereotyping generations is creating generational myths, leading to divisions in society’: the 5th week of the #AgeingEqual campaign in a nutshell

‘Stereotyping generations is creating generational myths, leading to divisions in society’: the 5th week of the #AgeingEqual campaign in a nutshell

Our fifth #AgeingEqual campaigning week explored ageism as stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination against both younger and older people. The European Youth Forum and AGE Platform Europe joined forces, along with many other supporters, to recall the importance of developing contacts between generations to tackle ageism. You missed it? We give you a chance to catch up with this week wrap-up!


Despite a society that praises youthfulness, young people can also be affected by stereotypes and discrimination on the ground of age

We tend to think of young people as too inexperienced, too immature or too apathetic. These assumptions lead to unjust practices on the labour market where younger adults are offered unpaid internships or receive a wage below the national minimum wage. They also hinder the access of young people to electoral mandates which consequently limit their ability to influence decisions that directly affect them.

Looking at ageism from a youth perspective shows the multiple reasons to team up with the anti-ageism movement defending the rights of older persons. Such exclusion has knock-on effects later in life: the longer a young person remains unemployed, the lower their average expected earnings over the course of their lifetime, and subsequently their pension. Calling for a rights-based approach to think of people as human rights-holders – no matter their age – is one area among the many where joining forces could benefit both younger and older people. Contacts between generations



Experts discussed the challenges linked to the development of contacts between generations…

Read them all! Find all blogposts, testimonies, good practices posted in relation to our thematic focus ‘ageism and intergenerational solidarity’ with the dedicated tag. Grow your understanding of ageism and spread the word!

We heard from many grassroots initiatives…

Do you want to share your initiative? Contact us to give visibility to more examples of projects tackling age discrimination. You can also use the hashtag #AgeingEqual to add your voice in social media!


And more voices rallied against ageism!

  • MEP Brando Benifei, one of the youngest Member of the European Parliament, who called for a new cultural mindset of inclusive of all age groups
  • MEP Heinz K. Becker, reminding that active aging and intergenerational solidarity are key elements to enable fairness between generations

The #AgeingEqual campaign community kept expanding with the participation of new partners working for the respect of social rights in age. Among them we count our fellow anti-ageism network, the European Youth Forum, the European network of equality bodies Equinet, CommonAge, as well as diverse research teams from the COST Action on Ageism.


You kept spreading the word too and we once more applause your determination to work with us in fighting against ageism!



The next week (4-11November) of this 70-day campaign will be dedicated to ageism and sexuality. Ageism affects both younger and older age groups ; let’s join forces to tackle stereotypical thinking and discriminatory attitudes on the ground of age.


Together We Can Make A Difference!

Share your story using the hashtag #AgeingEqual
and help us shine a spotlight on ageism.



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