The #AgeingEqual campaign takes place every year around the 1st October 2018, the International Day of Older Persons. It covers 10 specific themes aiming to illustrate the widespread effect of ageism and how it affects different groups in society. Click on the timeline below to learn more about each theme.

Understand Ageism
Ageism & Gender
Ageism & Social Rights
Ageism & Migration
Ageism & Intergenerational
Ageism & Sexuality
Ageism & Race
Ageism & Elder Abuse
Ageism & Participation
Ageism & Disability
70th anniversary
UDHR and final event

Ageism is everywhere! Start with the basics and get informed!

What is it like to face gender inequality and ageism?

How does ageism affect your right to work, access health, social protection and housing?

Did you know that older migrants struggle with additional disadvantages?

The best way to tackle ageism is to support intergenerational contacts and cooperation!

Older people do have intimate relationships: time to break the taboos!

Ageism is an additional exclusion mechanism for older people experiencing racism.

Because of ageism, abuse and mistreatment against older adults are less visible.

We do not stop to contribute to society as we age… far from it!

Some develop a disability with age, some age with disability but all have equal rights!

Blow the 70 candles with us to remind that Human Rights do not diminish with age!

Click on the links below to learn more about each weekly focus.