‘We are not given any respect and support’: the 4th week of the #AgeingEqual campaign in a nutshell

‘We are not given any respect and support’: the 4th week of the #AgeingEqual campaign in a nutshell

Our fourth #AgeingEqual campaigning week looked at the experience of migration by older people. Many difficulties experienced by migrants in their journey and in the host country can be particularly harmful for older persons, especially when they are in need of care. Resourceful blogposts showed the pervasiveness of ageism in the humanitarian sector and the double-burden of ageism and racism when migrants age in a host country. The stories from non-Europeans now living in the continent will feed you with concrete examples of how one’s rights to decide for him/herself can sometimes be at stake when one’s culture differs from the culture of the host country. Immerse yourself into their realities with this week wrap-up!


Experts discussed the impact of ageism in migratory contexts

Read them all! Find all blogposts, testimonies, good practices posted in relation to our thematic focus ‘ageism and migration’ with the dedicated tag. Grow your understanding of ageism and spread the word!


Older migrants added their voice to raise consciousness of their vulnerability

Do you want to share your experience of ageing? Contact us to give visibility to more examples of age discrimination with a blogpost. You can also use the hashtag #AgeingEqual to add your voice in social media!



And new allies joined our movement against ageism

The #AgeingEqual campaign was mainly animated this week thanks to the precious contributions of partners working at European and international levels – including in the global South and in conflict zones. We warmly thank you: Human Rights Watch, HelpAge International, the European Network for Intercultural Elderly Care, the European Network of Migrant Women as well as researchers from the COST Action on ageism, in particular the Center for Health and Migration Vienna who contributed for this week on ageism and migration.


You kept spreading the word too and we once more applause your determination to work with us in fighting against ageism!



The next week (29 October-4 November) of this 70-day campaign will be dedicated to ageism and intergenerational solidarity. Ageism affects both younger and older age groups ; let’s join forces to tackle stereotypical thinking and discriminatory attitudes on the ground of age.


Together We Can Make A Difference!

Share your story using the hashtag #AgeingEqual
and help us shine a spotlight on ageism.



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A first week of campaigning for ageing with equal rights!


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