30 SEPT. 2019 - 06 OCT. 2019


Why this campaign?

The #AgeingEqual campaign is the first European-wide effort to raise awareness that human rights do not diminish with age. It calls for equal rights at all ages and raise awareness of the harmful consequences of ageism.

Ageism leads to widespread marginalisation, poverty and abuse of older people and has negative impacts on their health and well-being. Ageism is everywhere, but we tend to deny its negative effects, we do not consider it as serious and harmful as other forms of discrimination and we fail to take action to counter ageism.

Our objectives

With the #AgeingEqual campaign we aim to:

  • Establish a long-lasting community of self-advocates and invite older people to become champions of the fight for equality
  • Create platform for older people to have a voice and tell their personal stories of ageing and older age
  • Raise awareness of the magnitude and gravity of ageism as a barrier to equality, freedom, and participation in older age

Our history

#AgeingEqual started in 2018 with the ambition to raise awareness of ageism as the main obstacle to fully enjoy human rights in older age. Building on the momentum of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the campaign lasted for 70 days, from 1st October – International Day of Older Persons, to 10th December 2018 – International Human Rights Day.

It rallied older campaigners, researchers, civil society leaders, policy makers, to recall that seventy years after its adoption, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is just as powerfully relevant as it was on its first day.

In 2019, the #AgeingEqual campaign was shaped as an invitation to take action to change the way older persons and ageing is perceived in our societies. This year, the campaign will aim at breaking down the stereotypes of older people as passive and dependent through visible activism by older persons themselves!


To learn more about the United Nations’ initiative to promote human rights, have a look at the dedicated website

Key messages

Ageism affects or will affect everyone
Ageism affects or will affect everyone
There is now evidence that ageism is the most commonly experienced form of discrimination. Ageism does not only concern today’s older generation, but every one of us, as we will all one day grow old.
Ageism is as harmful as other forms of discrimination
Ageism is as harmful as other forms of discrimination
Ageism is often more acceptable than other forms of discrimination. For example, although it would be considered unacceptable to exclude someone from training on the basis of their sex or race, age limits that impede the participation of older workers in trainings are still widespread today. We need to shed a light on the negative effects of ageism both for society and for individuals.
We must change our mindsets about ageing
We must change our mindsets about ageing
Countering ageism requires changing the way we think, feel and act about ageing and older persons. We all have the capacities and potential to contribute to society regardless of age, but often ageist attitudes limit our opportunities to do so. Providing services and support for the older generation is a right and an investment, not a cost.

The Campaign In Practice

The #AgeingEqual campaign takes place every year around the 1st October 2018, the International Day of Older Persons. It covers 10 specific themes aiming to illustrate the widespread effect of ageism and how it affects different groups in society. Click on the timeline below to learn more about each theme.

Understand Ageism
Ageism & Gender
Ageism & Social Rights
Ageism & Migration
Ageism & Intergenerational
Ageism & Sexuality
Ageism & Race
Ageism & Elder Abuse
Ageism & Participation
Ageism & Disability
70th anniversary
UDHR and final event

Ageism is everywhere! Start with the basics and get informed!

What is it like to face gender inequality and ageism?

How does ageism affect your right to work, access health, social protection and housing?

Did you know that older migrants struggle with additional disadvantages?

The best way to tackle ageism is to support intergenerational contacts and cooperation!

Older people do have intimate relationships: time to break the taboos!

Ageism is an additional exclusion mechanism for older people experiencing racism.

Because of ageism, abuse and mistreatment against older adults are less visible.

We do not stop to contribute to society as we age… far from it!

Some develop a disability with age, some age with disability but all have equal rights!

Blow the 70 candles with us to remind that Human Rights do not diminish with age!

Who is behind the campaign?

AGE Platform Europe, the largest European network promoting the rights of older persons, has developed the #AgeingEqual campaign and this guide. We have partnered with equality bodies, human rights institutions, civil society organisations, international organisations and experts to spread the word about the campaign and share experiences of ageism from different groups in society. The  full list of partners is available here.

AGE Platform Europe is supported through EU funding part of which has been used to work on this campaign.

Become a human rights champion

Fight ageism. Spread the word.