“One without the other, we simply can’t manage.”

“One without the other, we simply can’t manage.”

ZDUS as the largest NGO representative of retired and old people in Slovenia calls on respect for human rights of older people and their fundamental freedoms. Their members add their voice to the movement.


“Ageing of population is no longer only a matter of us, old people. We have to take advantage of the potential of the intergenerational cooperation with the young for the benefit of all social groups.”

Janez Sušnik, president of ZDUS


“The young have the drive and a vision, they know what they want and old people, we have the experience. One without the other, we simply can’t manage.”

Branko Meh


“We are not a side branch waiting to die. We need intergenerational activities to stay active and demonstrate what we can do in our third life period.”

Stane Arh


“We are not fully aware of our potential and knowledge we still have in our age. We have to show them and pass them down to younger generations. Learning, sharing and wisdom in our age is our strength.”

Jožica Knafelc


ZDUS is a non-governmental umbrella organization bringing together 503 local pensioner organizations and clubs. With more than 233.000 members, it is the largest membership organization in Slovenia. Photo by ZDUS from the event they organise every year in May for the Days of intergenerational coexistence. www.zdus-zveza.si

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