Older adults should have equal rights to learning opportunities!

Gina Ebner, from LLLPlatform and EAEA, highlights the importance of life-long learning for older adults’ participation into society.

Learning gives opportunities may it be for health and well-being, meeting new people, developing new skills like in the digital area. Yet, in many countries, there are not enough provision in the area of life-long learning. Older adults especially need equal access to learning opportunities!


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The Lifelong Learning Platform is an umbrella that gathers 42 European organisations active in the field of education, training and youth. The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) is the voice of non-formal adult education in Europe.


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One thought on “Older adults should have equal rights to learning opportunities!”

  1. shinedowness says:

    I keep seeing a bunch of young faces in colleges and universities. The education system standards in some colleges and universities are not good for old people who need extra time to get things done in classes because their brains are not as fast as the younger people’s brains are. Also, college and university ageism is profitable for the elite’s family and friends to keep average people from gaining political influence to keep the poor-get-poorer-rich-get-richer status quo going.

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