“When I’m 64, will I be living in a community that accepts me and that I can contribute to?”

Dr. Isaiah Durosaiye is an expert of AGE Platform Europe active in the field of employment issues. In this video, he talks people’s anxiety about people migrating to the U.K. and how ageing specifically impact people of colour living across the Channel.

“When you get older, your ability to adapt to your environment changes. If you’re a person of colour, the consequences of a changing environment are aggravated by the fact that the kind of access that you have to help, socio-care and community support is reduced just because people are from a minority ethnic background. (…)

The biggest challenge that we have in front of us is: what is going to happen to our children? My children are born in Europe, they identify as Europeans; I want them to grow in a society where racial discrimination is non existent and to be proud of the society they live in, to be able to contribute. If they choose to live the rest of their life in Europe… so be it!”

Isaiah, AGE expert from the U.K.


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Isaiah is a researcher in ageing and the built environment at the School of Architecture of the University of Sheffield.


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