I am old, so what?

I am old, so what?

‘I am old, so what?’ – An ageism awareness campaign from Barcelona

‘Sóc  gran,  i  què?’ (meaning ‘I am old, so what?) was a local, time-bound campaign led by the City of Barcelona. The aim of the campaign was to raise citizen awareness and empower older adults to challenges ageism in a participatory manner. The campaign included forum theatre, audio-visual pieces that raised awareness about existing stere otypes and prejudices towards older adults, stories and messages to deconstruct stereotypes that were disseminated through various platforms, including social media.

The campaign presented examples of the diversity seen in older age and challenged stereotypes including those related to ‘older people cannot learn new things’, ‘older people do not have interest, nor desire, nor sexual activity’, etc.

More information (in Spanish and Catalan): http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/socgranique/es


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