Age, Sex and You: a new website talking about sexual changes for older adults

Age, Sex and You: a new website talking about sexual changes for older adults

One of the #AgeingEqual campaign bloggers came back to us recently with a practical tool for people aged 60 and older wondering about the potential sexual changes that come with age. The website was designed so that the information is easy to find and people don’t have to trawl through lots of other websites to get to reliable information. By Sharron Hinchliff

In an earlier post we drew attention to the need to support and promote the sexual rights of older adults. Part of this work involves providing reliable information about sexual health and sexual well-being as we get older. Through our research we have consistently heard from older adults about the lack of available information on sexual issues for the over 60s.

To meet this need we have designed the website Age, Sex and You. It provides general information, all in one place, about the sexual changes that might occur with older age. It can be difficult to talk about sex because it is a private topic, and sexual health campaigns rarely include older adults. As a result, there is a silence around the sexual issues as we age and a need to improve sexual health awareness in this area.

Age, Sex and You is a public health website that is free to use. As an example of good practice, it aims to support healthy sexual ageing for those to whom sex and intimacy are important.

Discover the website:

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Sharron Hinchliff is Reader in Psychology and Health at the University of Sheffield, UK. She has carried out research into older adults’ sexual and intimate relationships since 2001. Sharron is the founder of the #SexRightAge campaign, and recently published Addressing the Sexual Rights of Older People (2018) with Catherine Barrett. See her website for further details:

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