A new alliance for age diversity in the workplace

A new alliance for age diversity in the workplace

OldSchool@WorkAlliance is an emerging collective whose members will establish best practices for holding companies accountable for rectifying systemic bias and making age a criterion for diversity. OldSchool@WorkAlliance Team composed of Ashton Applewhite, Kyrié Carpenter, Ryan Backer, and Sheila Callaham are now recruiting new members.

Their goal is to ensure accountability by providing the tools and metrics to measure (and report) respective employers’ progress and results. They hope to benchmark and report organizational policies and practices that support age-inclusivity, much like the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index benchmarks for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-inclusivity. And to create resources to make the working world more age-diverse and inclusive.

To achieve this goal, OldSchool@WorkAlliance needs to build a coalition with a diverse set of skills and experiences—from leadership and fundraising to research and data analytics (and everything in between). Through the online application, members can indicate how much time they can volunteer and the ways they want to help.

The OldSchool@Work Alliance expects to amass a robust group of activists with the skills and gumption needed to create an iterative system for measuring age inclusivity, and then continually find and bring about tools and influence to improve the results. In other words, they plan on building a Kick-Ass-Expose-Ageism-Alliance!

Are You In? To join the collective, answer the following survey.
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