90% of all blind and partially sighted Europeans are over 60

Nearly 90% of all blind and partially sighted Europeans are over the age of 60. This is why the European Union of the Blind provides a resource section on older persons in their website.

It includes practical information and policy papers and a description of projects in which they are involved.

One such project is VISAL – Visual Impaired Seniors Active Learning. VISAL consists in a training course which was implemented in 13 EU Countries. It targets older persons with sight loss and aims to help them gain confidence, skills and awareness to the best of their individual abilities. It trained 288 visually impaired seniors, 74 national facilitators trained to facilitate VISAL sessions and included the production of a toolkit.


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EBU, the European Blind Union, is the united voice of millions of blind and partially sighted Europeans. EBU works towards an accessible and inclusive society with equal opportunities for blind and partially sighted people to fully participate in all aspects of social, economic, cultural and political life.


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